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Isla Mujeres, Mexico

GHO Mexico! There’s a place down Cancun way that’s home to some 12,000 folks who share an island some 4 miles long and about one-half mile wide. That Island is Isla Mujeres, which is considered sacred to both divers and anglers with some of the World’s best diving and fishing that can be found. Year-round you’ll find world class fishing and tropical crystal clear water with seemingly unlimited visibility.Isla Mujeres is not Cancun, there are no cruise ships here, just folks looking for an authentic, not contrived beach town destination. It is easy to get to, just fly into the Cancun Airport, grab a cab to the new Gran Puerto dock, and hop aboard a ferry. Some 15 minutes later, you’ll find yourself at the dock in Isla, right in the middle of Centro.

The Guy Harvey Outpost in Isla Mujeres offers different adventures for every thrill level. Choose one of our Expedition Packages or call the reservations desk to customize your own fishing, diving, or chilling adventure!

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Whale Shark Expedition


Come face to face and interact with the ocean’s largest and most docile creature, the Whale Shark! These harmless sharks can grow to be 50 plus feet in length and weigh over 27,000 pounds. The largest congregation of these amazing creatures happens yearly between the months of May through September with over 420 of them being recorded at a single time all gathered in an elliptical patch of ocean right off the coast of beautiful Isla Mujeres, Mexico. You can safely dive amongst the schools while they feed on plankton on the surface.

Huge, gently gliding Manta Rays are also plankton feeders and tend to congregate with the Whale Sharks and are an incredible experience in their own right. These are restricted exclusively to snorkeling. Scuba is not allowed, nor is touching the animals or flash photography. Boats have to have guides with regulated numbers of snorkelers per boat. Each encounter allows for two people to enter the water at a time along with your guide. A true bucket list experience!

7 Day / 6 Night Whale Shark Expedition Includes 2 Days of Whale Sharks and 2 Days of Offshore Fishing


Mako Shark Expedition


When there’s prey there’s sure to be predator! For predator and prey the Continental Shelf off Isla Mujeres makes an ideal habitat. Plankton rich shallows, nourished by rivers draining the mainland and ocean currents pushing between Cuba and the Yucatan, promise ample prey of migratory Sardines. With the Sardines come the Pelagics. Isla Mujeres is a world renowned Atlantic Sailfish hot spot and considered to be one of, if not the best location to encounter billfish. Sailfish cooperate, sometimes for several hours, to turn unwieldly prey into a manageable meal.

You can even help them along by mimicking their roundup of bait in tandem, as they pop open fins and flash iridescent colors as they get up close to confuse the prey. Once the bait ball is under control, watch as they shoot in one by one, heads swiping side to side as they use their bills to bat sardines with remarkable precision. Pursuers then nab stunned fish before they can escape, typically consuming every last one. And hey, you worked hard too, your lunch will be waiting back on the boat!

7 Day / 6 Nights includes 3 Days Pelagic Dives and 1 Day of Offshore Fishing

Fish Expedition

The most exciting deep sea fishing and light tackle adventure in the Mexican Caribbean is right outside our doorstep. Isla Mujeres is world renowned for its Atlantic Sailfish bite, often going into double digit days during the Winter time. But is also known for its excellent White and Blue Marlin bite! You will have the opportunity to catch these Billfish along with many other pelagic species year-round such as, Dorado, Tuna, and Wahoo. Reef fishing is also excellent with stellar Grouper, Snapper, and Kingfish stocks right offshore. The Keen M’s professional, friendly, and English speaking crew will assist and instruct in your angling adventure.

The IGFA World Record for Sailfish releases on Fly was achieved in Isla Mujeres with a total number of releases in a day standing at 13! The keen M crew specializes in Deep Sea Fly Fishing and can also supply Fly tackle upon request. As with any GHO Expedition we also specialize in conservation and we practice catch & release on all Billfish species and with food species the practice is, keep what you can eat back at the lodge and release the rest.

All Expeditions include pick up and drop off at the airport plus continental breakfast and lunch on the boat. Professional photographer can be added at an additional cost.


Expedition Leader Captain Mendillo traded in New England winters and canyon fishing over 20 years ago, moving to Isla Mujeres to fish year round in the tropics. Profiled extensively in Marlin Magazine and other sportfishing journals, Captain Anthony sets the bar for both angling professionalism as well as production. Seriously, when the sailfish bite is hot he’ll limit the boat’s daily total to 50 releases! If you can find an opening in his calendar, you’ll be next aboard in a long line of world renowned anglers and the occasional celebrity. He is the IGFA’s international representative to the Yucatan Peninsula region.

Captain Mendillo and his Keen M International operation consists of 3 boats all based at the at the main sportfishing dock in town, Enrique Lima’s Marina. Keen M boats are available for top-of-class sportfishing, and exciting whale shark or sailfish “Encounters” that attract underwater photographers and film crews from around the world to interact with these animals in their natural underwater environments.


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Hotel Playa La Media Luna, a Guy Harvey Outpost Expedition. Lodge sits on a secluded crescent shaped beach at the northeast corner of the island that has been in the owner’s family for generations. They picked this beachfront for a reason! The hotel is a small boutique, casual and relaxed.

There are some far larger properties on the island; there are some that are swankier with more amenities and some that are outside of town in more secluded settings. But if you want to be close to town – and most folks do – and you’re looking to be on a secluded beach with a sexy pool, in a small, casual and relaxing place, well this is your hotel! It’s not a big resort, but it’s a big experience!




One and two bedroom cottages, separate and complete each with ocean front view through the landscaped grounds. A fully equipped kitchenette features refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee maker, 4 burners stove top. The beach front of the cottage is a comfortable living room with a futon, chairs and dining area, terrace overlooking the ocean and sandy beach. Continental breakfast is not included. Maid services every other day