On Property

If you are staying at Galapagos Planet Hotel you can enjoy a complimentary breakfast overlooking San Cristobal Harbor at the hotel. For groups the hotel can coordinate lunch and dinner based on the needs.

Off Property

Taste the Galapagos by dining and visiting the local restaurant of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. Part of the adventure is experiencing the local cuisine and night life of the locals in the Galapagos, something that cannot be experienced from a cruise ship. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno has a handful of dining experiences including a few of our favorites

Las Tintoreras

Is a “must do” dining experience in San Cristobal! Enjoy a highland tour and visit Otoy, an organic farm and restaurant that has a variety of locally grown organic vegetables that are used for their signature dishes. Guests can stroll throughout the farm also see the Galapagos Tortoise roaming throughout the farm.

Miramar Restaurant

Enjoy Miramar’s open-air second-floor dining room with balcony seating with stools overlooking Playa Barrio Frío, and a small patch of sand. Here you can enjoy the great views along with Ecudorian meat and seafood cuisine.

El Descanso Marinero

El Descanoso Marinero is great for trying the “local daily catch”. Here you can find delicious ceviche, lobster and other fresh-caught seafood and served in a lovely outdoor garden with picnic tables.

AMA by Golden Bay

AMA serves up great breakfasts include fresh fruit juices, homemade bread and a variety of local and international specialties. They have a full menu for lunch and dinner including Ecuadorian and traditional island cuisine and known for their ceviche.

Mockingbird Cafe

Mockingbird Café serves salads, burgers and delicious breakfast. Also, it is one of the few restaurants open on Sunday.


The Calypso serves up some great seafood along with burgers, pizza and salads. It is casual dining with outdoor seating and great for picking up a daily snack!