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Our Story

“Ex Oceans, Adveho Vita”

“From the Oceans, Comes Life”

Outpost Collection

Man traces his first steps to the many shorelines of our world, each different and most giving rise to experiences and cultures as varied as the waves that shape those shorelines.

Guy Harvey Outpost is a collection of water centric hospitality properties and travel products that showcase the unique destinations, experiences, and cultures. Much like a gallery of fine art would be known for its curated work of an individual master or artistic style, each Guy Harvey Outpost product is individual and unique, but together they convey a resonant story to our customers Behind Guy Harvey Outpost products exists something even more important – a fellowship of like-minded people who uncompromising commitment to excellence and their passionate stewardship of cultural and environmental resources make these properties and travel products wonderful.

No other hospitality brand in the world is built on the accomplishments of an internationally recognized artist, conservation advocate and scientist, with an acclaimed research institute engaged in cutting edge marine science, a philanthropic conservation foundation and a sportswear clothing empire built on the worldwide demand for his iconic tee-shirts with their colorful Guy Harvey art. That person is Dr. Guy Harvey.

All destinations and experiences are united by the traveler’s journey. And a life well-traveled is a story of adventure. Travel with purpose and “Enjoy Your Adventure”!

Why Guy Harvey Outpost

Hospitality is an industry as vast as most oceans. As a resort/recreational lifestyle extension of the Guy Harvey brand identity, our Outpost brand architecture must necessarily strike a strategic balance between lifting strength of aligned brand management and endurance strength of a brand uniquely tailored to its specific customer.

Individual and communal enrichment derived from sharing travel experiences and absorbing new insights into the “blue planet” we call home is the ethos of the Guy Harvey Outpost brand platform.

Brand Mission
To deliver inspired hospitality on the traveler’s terms, at all times, for all reasons.

Brand Essence
Coastal casual with a conservation commitment.

Brand Personality
Adventuresome and inquisitive, informed and informative, and affable and approachable.

Brand Promise
Deliver affordable, convivial hospitality that relaxes the body, informs the mind, and inspires the spirit, for the enjoyment, entertainment and enrichment of all of our guests, their families and friends.

Our Guy

Guy Harvey is the man behind Guy Harvey Outpost. Guy is a unique blend of artist, scientist, diver, angler, conservationist and explorer, fiercely devoted to his family and his love of the sea. Growing up in Jamaica, Guy spent many hours fishing and diving with his father along the Island’s south coast.

He was obsessed with the creatures of the sea and began drawing pictures of the many different fish he observed. A 10th generation Jamaican of English heritage, Guy’s natural gift to recreate marine life has propelled him from Professor of Marine Biology to a Wildlife Artist and Photographer.


With his great love of the sea is combined with a scientist’s understanding of the serious threats facing the world’s fish resources and biodiversity, in 1998 Guy established the Guy Harvey Research Institute in partnership with Nova Southeastern University’s world-renown Oceanographic Center.

The institute’s mission is to provide scientific information necessary for effective conservation and restoration of fish resources and biodiversity. The GHRI has research projects currently underway in all major areas of the globe.The Guy Harvey Research Institute is one of the foremost marine science centers in the United States, leading the way in providing essential scientific information to understand and save the world’s fish resources and biodiversity from drastic, ongoing declines. GHRI scientists use DNA research to demonstrate the advance and/or decline of fish populations as well as the illegal trade of endangered species. The GHRI operations are based at the Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center at its new 86,000 square foot state of the art research building located on a 10 acre campus with marina basin at the entrance of Port Everglades, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

To learn more about the Guy Harvey Research Institute, click here

Nova Southeastern University


As an ardent conservationist, Guy has consistently supported “catch and release” fishing ethics for game fish around the world. He works closely with many conservation organizations to help protect global fishery resources. In 1986, he was selected as Jamaica’s representative to the International Game Fish Association and in 1992 was appointed as a Trustee.

In 1998, Guy was voted the IGFA’s first ever “Lifetime Achievement Award.” In 2008 the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation was founded. The Foundation is an organization of philanthropists, conservationists, scientists, and educators focused on developing sensible strategies for promoting the conservation of our oceans and nurturing the next generation of marine scientists and guardians of our seas.

It is a mission of the Foundation to ensure that future generations benefit from a naturally balanced marine ecosystem. Whether training future scientists or advocates for the oceans, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation will fund education programs to help children and young adults understand their role in conserving our oceans.

For more information on the Foundation, and how to support its efforts, click here

Nova Southeastern University

Signature Resort Collection

Traditional waterfront resort hotel properties and related resort amenities.

Interested in becoming part of the Signature Beach Resort Collection Click here.

Expedition Collection

Expedition Collection is an ecosystem of adventures, lodging and outfitters that reflect and shape the view of our Outpost brand. Each member includes a commitment to conservation and citizen science that is a waypoint to informed conservation practices.

The expedition collection voyage of discovery takes us on a course to exotic and unfamiliar destination. These adventures are guided by the vision of Guy Harvey, one of the world’s foremost authorities in scientific research into biodiversity and conservation, and supported with the knowledge of Guy Harvey Research Institute scientist and other conservation advocates.If you would like to learn more about Guy Harvey Outpost and how to become a part of our system as a resort club or outfitter please click on the link below providing us some information will help us respond to you as quickly as possible. We look forward to connecting!

Expedition Adventures

Join one of our upcoming Expedition Adventure Trips led by one of our Professional Outfitters. Each Expedition Adventure is designed for you to learn from the “best of the best” and learn their tricks of the trade that made them one of the top of the field in their respective fields. Whether your interest is in fishing, diving, citizen science or action photography, we have the Expedition for you!

Expedition Outfitters

When Guy’s on the water, he’s playing his A-game with similarly skilled divers and anglers. He’s fond of saying “NO WANKERS, PLEASE”. The GHO Expedition Outfitters ensures that you are getting hooked up with some of the best sporting professionals we know. Your time and money is valuable.

If you are going to spend it, spend it with our Professional Outfitters that will ensure you will receive the “top of class” fishing, diving, or adventure travel adventure experience. Our Outfitters lead Expedition Adventures, but are also willing to customize your next adventure. Get to know our Expedition Outfitters!

Expedition Lodges

No matter if you have chosen to join us on an Expedition Adventure or decided to customize your own adventure, our Expedition Lodges will accommodate your needs. Each of our lodges shares the same commitment of not only providing you a memorable experience, but the passion for both the cultural and environmental resources to the destination. We have not only chosen some of the best properties, but people who share our same commitment. Chose from one of our Expedition Lodges for your next adventure

Guy Harvey Outpost Resort

Commitment to You During COVID-19. Read More

Guy Harvey Resort St. Augustine Beach’s Commitment to You During COVID-19

First of all, we want to thank our valued guests for their patience and understanding during this time. Our hotel is currently OPEN, but some of our amenities and services are limited or unavailable at this time.

We have also updated our cancellation policy to provide the most flexibility to our guests. Please follow the link below to see our full list of changes and updates.

For the most update information, please refer to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or your local health authority.

GHO Statement on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are closely monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization’s statements regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and following guidelines from these agencies and the local health departments. The wellbeing of our guests and associates is of paramount importance. We ask that you please contact the location directly to modify your reservation. Below is the link to each locations Covid-19 update, phone numbers and emails for each destination.

Guy Harvey Resort St Augustine Beach: Covid-19 Update Contact: 904-471-2555 or

Camp Mack, a Guy Harvey Lodge, Marina & RV Resort Covid-19 Update Contact: 863-696-1108 or

For the most update information, please refer to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) or your local health authority.