July 5, 2016

Dear Sponsor,

It was truly “blazing hot” for the inaugural Blazing Mako Tournament & Festival! The Guy Harvey Outpost crew wants to thank you for participating in this “Outpost Bonfire” event and helping support the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation in its effort to fund marine science scholarships at NSU’s Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography.

As an inaugural event, we accomplished our primary goal to produce a bonfire experience unlikely to be forgotten by anyone in attendance, and certainly not to be missed next year. Along with the magic and music acts, Saturday night was almost as hot as it was on the beach under the festival tents or out on the water fishing without much of the typical breeze. Well, almost!

As you can imagine, thousands of hours were invested in creating an enjoyable and memorable event and an untold number of staff and volunteers helped us execute the various weekend events. But getting to the “top of the food chain” is not quick or guaranteed outcome for an inaugural festival event. Our crew will be meeting in the upcoming days to assess strategies for improving the event next year. Some ideas are obvious; however, to help us build a better festival, please email us directly with your thoughts, criticisms and suggestions. Of course we’ll gladly accept an “attaboy” here or there too! Our goal is to make this one of the signature events of the Florida Keys and your input will be invaluable in achieving that goal.

Thank you again for your involvement with and support of the Blazing Mako Tournament & Festival. We all share in environmental stewardship, as it is said “we only borrow the planet from our children”. Your contribution of time and money has helped create a brighter future for a new generation of scientists to take on this responsibility. As inscribed on our Outpost corporate emblem, “From the Oceans, Comes Life”. Thank you for giving life to the cause!

Be sure to visit to see some great images from the weekend. We hope you’ll join us next year at the 2017 Blazing Mako Tournament & Festival!


Mark Ellert



Christine Legris


Festival Director

Cliff Jensen


Tournament Director