Our Mission

Much of the world’s marine-life heritage and resources is influenced or owned by local communities in often remote or exotic destination. Most of these communities have different capacities and challenges in protecting their environment. Sustainable development of these communities is crucial to the maintenance of planet Earth’s marine eco-systems and bio-diversity.

To this end, the Guy Harvey Outpost seeks to foster sustainable ecotourism with reciprocal benefits – both for our customers and for the residents of these communities living amidst waterfront settings of unique heritage.

Our brand mission is to



Our guests to travel with friends and family to unique destinations.



Sustainable tourism and the stewardship of resources for the benefit of our guests today, and those who follow in the years to come.



Our guests in environmentally responsible and memorable recreational activities that instill life-long memories and shape individual growth for they and our staff alike.


With his personal commitment to the company and the collection of Outpost branded product offerings, the voice and actions of Guy Harvey cuts through the clutter of our travel decisions, and articulates the uniquely rewarding aspects of eco-tourism and a Guy Harvey Outpost adventure.

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