Mako Madness

Cage Dive with the Mako Shark

April is a great time to visit Isla Mujeres to experience Mako Madness. This is when the Mako shark migrates through Isla Mujerest allowing divers, adventure travelers, and photographers to view these awesome sharks in their natural setting. You will be to jump in a cage and use a Snuba to face off with these living torpedoes. There is a 90% success rate of seeing the Makos in April, so it is important to book early because this is a bucket list trip for photographers and adventure travelers.


Expedition Leader: Captain Anthony Mendillo – GHO Expedition Outfitter, Isla Mujeres

Our Expedition Leader is the Captain who pioneered the Mako shark adventure in Isla Mujeres. Captain Mendillo traded in New England winters and canyon fishing over 20 years ago, moving to Isla Mujeres to fish year round in the tropics. Profiled extensively in Marlin Magazine and other sportfishing journals, Captain Anthony sets the bar for both angling professionalism as well as production. He is the IGFA’s international representative to the Yucatan Penninsula region. No one knows the waters better for the Mako adventure than Captain Anthony. In addition to offering the Mako Cage Dive, he works with the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and Guy Harvey Research Institute each spring on tagging the Mako Sharks to further understand their migratory patterns.

Captain Mendillo operates the Keen M International as an Expedition Outfitter member of Guy Harvey Outpost. He operates 3 boats, all based at the main sportfishing dock in town, Enrique Lima’s Marina. The Keen M crew is also available for the whale shark or sailfish “Encounters” that attract underwater photographers and film crews from around the world.

Mako Madness


Guy Harvey Outpost travel desk is happy to customize your mako adventure for independent travelers or groups up to 4. We do recommend that you have at least three days of diving in case weather patterns interrupt the migration. Our most popular package is a 5 day / 4 night adventure, which provide for three full days of shark dives. Some guests like to extend the number of days for either a fishing adventure or provide for lay day to enjoy the ruins or chill on the small Island of Isla Mujeres.


Day 1: Cancun, Mexico / Isla Mujeres

Arrive into Cancun airport, where you take a 20 minute cab ride to the Ferry Dock to Isla Mujeres. The high speed ferry will take you to the north end of the Island where you can walk or take a bike cab to Playa La Media Luna, a Guy Harvey Outpost Expedition Property or Secreto Hotel.


Day 2-4: Mako Madness

Enjoy breakfast and head to Enrique Lima’s Marina to board either the Lilly M or Andrea M for your mako adventure. Make sure you pack your underwater camera and are ready to shoot! The boat ride can take up to a couple hours, so it is a full 7 hour daily adventure. Maximum number of guests during the cage dive is 4 allowing each adventure ample time in the cage to view the mako sharks and to get that bucket list photo you came for!


Day 5: Depart for Cancun

Time to head home! Grab you gear and head to Cancun. While you are in the airport edit your video and photos to showoff to your friends. Don’t forget to #OutpostAttitude and let your friends know at Guy Harvey Outpost of your adventure.

Mako Madness

Mako Madness

Mako Madness


  • 5 Days / 4 Nights Standard Package – $1,450 / person
  • 5 Days / 4 Nights Luxury Package – $1,750 / person

*Pricing based on per person / double occupancy*

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What’s Included

  • Daily 7 hour adventure
  • Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages on the boat
  • Accommodations.