AFTCO, the American Fishing Tackle Company, is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of big-game fishing tackle equipment. The entrepreneurial genius behind this company is Outpost partner, Bill Shedd. Under his guidance, its sportswear division AFTCO/Bluewater is today the largest licensee in the family of Guy Harvey products. AFTCO/Bluewater manufactures and stocks on hand at its California headquarters some 7,000 styles and over 500,000 units of Guy Harvey clothing products. Guy Harvey Sportswear is featured prominently in the Outfitter Shop, located at each Guy Harvey Outpost.

Bill Shedd is not just a manufacturer of quality sportswear. He is a prominent conservation advocate, an ethic evolved under the tutelage of his father, Milt Shed, who pioneered the marriage of marine education and entertainment in his co-founding of the entertainment juggernaut, SeaWorld. The Shedd family established the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute, which today is one of the country’s foremost marine research organizations.

As with all licensees, Guy Harvey Inc. requires a portion of merchandise sales be donated to funding the operation of the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. Last year, sportswear purchases alone helped AFTCO/Bluewater contribute over $100,000 to the foundation.

So, remember, your purchase of any item bearing the Guy Harvey signature is going to support the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and the great work of scientists and conservationist around the globe!

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