Neal Watson’s Undersea Adventures


Diving is a part of the DNA of a Guy Harvey Outpost. For the recreational diver – from novice to expert – the “best of class” dive programs offered at a Guy Harvey Outpost Resort require professionals that have not only technical proficiency and superior knowledge of local waters and diving conditions, but work with a customer-driven service philosophy.

For these reasons, when it comes to recreational scuba diving, Guy Harvey Outpost partners with Neal Watson’s Undersea Adventures – which for more than 40 years has operated dive resorts throughout the Bahamas and Caribbean.

Neal Watson’s Undersea Adventures began on the Bahamas island of Bimini, where Neal Watson lived for fifteen years helping to pioneer the equipment, programs and safe diving techniques that characterize today’s recreational diving industry.

Known affectionately throughout the scuba community as “the Dive God” for several long-standing scuba diving world records including the compressed air diving depth record where he descended to 437 feet and longest underwater non-stop dive, swimming 66 miles in 191/2 hours from the Florida Keys to Miami. Neal Watson is also known for having created the “shark dive” industry, and has been featured in numerous articles and publications on his shark dive exploits.

Neal Watson has appeared in numerous major motion pictures and television shows. He recently taught Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, to dive with him and Jean Michel Cousteau for an ABC television special for feeding sharks. Today, Mr. Watson is President of the Bahamas Dive Association and is a board member of DEMA, the dive industry’s largest trade association. Through his personal and corporate relationships, Neal is a tireless promoter of the entertainment and education that comes from safe yet exciting recreational scuba diving. He and his colleagues at Neal Watson Undersea Adventures work with the diving staff at every dive destination to ensure each customer, regardless of skill level, has a memorable and varied experience, and along the way becomes a regular and repeat Guy Harvey Outpost Resort dive customer.