Green Turtle has two navigable sounds: White to the north, and Black to the South. Black Sound is primarily a commercial marina basin and closest to New Plymouth. The Club’s marina’s is located at the north end of White Sound within an easy 10 minute walk to breathtaking, white sand beaches. Guests enjoy


  • Free Wireless Internet
  • Freshwater Pool
  • Yacht Club Pub
  • Shower and restroom facilities exclusively for marina guests. Key Deposit (Includes Shower) $40
  • Water, gas and diesel fuel can be purchased in the summer from 7:30am – 6:45pm and during the winter from 8:00am – 5:30pm.
  • A coin-operated laundry facility is on site. Tokens can be purchased for $4.25.
  • Cable TV (Per Day) $5
  • Dockside chandlery sells snacks, beverages, beer, wine, liquor, ice cream, ice, marine supplies, tobacco, sundries and souvenirs.

Marina Location

26° North 45′, 77° West 20′

For your convenience, we’ve provided one of the best charts to be found depicting the approach to Green Turtle Cay from the Sea of Abaco.

The chart is provided as a courtesy of Lewis Offshore Ltd., publishers of Explorer Charts, and can be purchased at the Club. Owing to the continual shifting of sands, mariners who are not regular visitors are recommended to verify current conditions with the Dockmaster.


Slip Rates

10/28 – 2/28 3/1-8/23
Regular Rate $1.50 $1.85
Weekly Rate $125 $ 1.65
Monthly $1.00 $ 1.25

Mooring Field. $25 per day, maximum 40 ft.

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Electricity: 50 amp Powerboat Sailboat
Up to 30′ $12.00 per day $8.00 per day
31′ – 40′ $17.00 per day $12.00 per day
41′ – 50′ $22.00 per day $20.00 per day
Over 50′ $.50 per foot per day $.50 per foot per day
  • Electricity rates subject to change based on fuel price increases.
  • 100 amp electricity 85¢/foot/day.
  • Electrical Adaptor (Deposit Required) $5


$0.20 per gallon, per individual meter.